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Jodie T

Music therapy helped my child overcome the negative effects of bullying and improve his self-esteem.

Jim B

Music therapy provides a kind of expression which goes much deeper than speech and facilitates wholeness in an individual.

Abby A

I was lonely and angry and felt deeply in ways they could never understand or experience. Music therapy helped me feel connected to others and the world around me.

Kai P

I felt isolated and estranged. Music therapy helped to process the emotions that were holding me back from being the person I want to be.

Grayson G

I was feeling very insecure about myself. Music therapy got me through it and made me feel much less alone.

Zoe C

Music therapy helped me to enter another world. It calmed me down, reduced my anxiety, and gave me the courage to face the difficulties I faced in my life.

Josie S

Music therapy taught me that I am beautiful the way I am, and it's okay not to be perfect because I am only human. Therapy taught me to stay strong and helped me to recover from self-destructive behaviors.

Tom D

My music therapy sessions helped me to manage my anxiety and depression and to be comfortable with my autism.

James N

Music therapy helped me keep going, to get me through day to day when I thought that no one else understood.

Angela H

I was trying to fit in amongst a world I couldn't survive in and using my eating disorder to try to gain some sort of control in a totally chaotic world. Music therapy was my salvation. I was able to block out the world and get out of my own head, and then tackle my struggles with a new perspective.

Ariel C

Music therapy helped me relieve my stress and anxiety. I can let my emotions out during music therapy and afterwards I felt more peaceful and calmer and less anxious.

Peter F

My sessions helped me to express my frustration, anger, pain, disillusionment, and that I felt but had no idea of at the time. I liked the honesty and rawness of the approach.

Kate C

My teenager’s high school experience was very challenging, but music therapy helped give them self-confidence. Now my teen is heavily involved in various school programs and even in leadership positions.

Jessica P

I am not a musician, but music therapy was the most organic and natural process. I was able to tap into something very genuine inside and experience my true and authentic self for the first time in a long time.

Andrew R

Music therapy gave me the chance to be myself. I remember the first session—it changed my life! I continued once a week for the following year.

Anna A

Music therapy was a crucial support system for me, in terms of an outlet for intense emotions and to help process and overcome frustration with life’s circumstances.

Raelynn P

Music therapy helped me to find my own voice and to let the authentic internal “me” to come out.

Noah M

I didn’t have any music training or an ear for singing, but within minutes of my first session, I felt entirely comfortable to express myself musically. By the end of the first session, I felt as if I had found something I was looking for, for a long time.

Karen L

My daughter likes to sing, and so when she faced difficulties, I brought her to music therapy. She was able to put words to very hard emotions she was feeling from school and helped her overcome a difficult period.

Scott N

I don’t usually get emotional, which is a problem in my relationships. Music therapy helped me to take down the walls blocking my emotions and to help me to open up and communicate, which had a positive impact on my relationships at home.

Lillian M

My teen was struggling with anxiety and panic attacks. Talk therapy alone wasn’t working, but once we added music therapy, it was like the skies opened, and we began to see positive changes.

Hailey P

Last year, I lost a very close friend unexpectedly to an acute illness. My sessions in music therapy helped me to get in touch with my emotions during my grieving process in a way that honored both me and what I’ve been going through.

Eric S

I found music therapy to help with my internal relationships with me and to align my mind, body, and perception.

Oliver K

Music therapy reached areas within me that felt disconnected through suppression—the music helped restimulate the reconnection, allow painful emotions to surface and be released, and provided emotional healing.

Aiden C

My sessions were without a doubt very powerful, and something I had underestimated before trying it.

Theo B

Music therapy provides a kind of expression which goes much deeper than speech and facilitates wholeness in an individual.

Allison E

Music therapy allows the patient to experience and explore depths of their being which are not normally accessible in day-to-day life.

Leo R

My sessions also helped my spiritual growth and helped me understand who I am from a deeper perspective, providing greater purpose and direction in my life.

Connor P

Music therapy helped my son, who is autistic, to build self-esteem when interacting with others, and also helped give him a sense of calmness and stability.

Madison M

Music therapy helped me to understand feelings that had been very hard to articulate and was able to “release” them, which were holding me back much of my life.

Everly F

Music therapy helped me cope with and recover from emotional and psychological problems including depression and anxiety. It had great powers of consolation, as well as enough intricacy and depth to be continually new and rewarding.

Cameron L

Music therapy allowed me to explore my feelings more fully and was extremely helpful in managing difficult emotions.