Decades of research have shown that music therapy is effective across both therapeutic and medical settings.

Effective for mental health, rehabilitation, autism and neurodiversity, neurodegenerative disorders, veterans, and more.

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Leading Journals

New research is published daily about the uses and affects of music and the effectiveness of music therapy. Here are a few of the leading peer-reviewed journals that specialize in music psychology and music therapy.

Interpreting clinical research

The field of music therapy is at the pinnacle of scientific investigation. After decades of individual clinical studies, the field is now publishing systematic reviews and meta-analyses showing the effectiveness of music therapy. Below is a chart of how we as a field, got there.

This figure shows how different types of scientific studies are ranked based on the quality of evidence they provide. Clinical research on music therapy is now at the stage of systematic reviews and meta-analyses.

Recent meta-analyses and systematic reviews

Meta-analyses and systematic reviews are the pinnacle of research and help establish a scientific consensus across many studies.

Recent RCTs

Randomized controlled trials (RCTs) are the gold-standard in determining in whether a treatment or intervention is effective.