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We partner with clinics, medical groups, hospitals, and healthcare systems to increase access to care and improve health outcomes.


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Increase access & engagement

Improve health outcomes

Lower total cost of care


Timely, specialized care for a variety of populations

With an increasing need for mental and physical health care and limited access to quality care, your patients may have been left with nowhere to turn.

Music therapy provides a significant boost to the level of care that health organizations can provide their patients - lowering the total cost of care and ensuring measurably better outcomes for patients.

Improve quality care measures, virtually

State-of-the-art screening methods

Both 1:1 and group therapy sessions

Messaging anytime

Proactive goal and progress tracking


And more

our care model

Technology-enabled healthcare, built to improve lives.

Our telehealth model enables us to improve patient access and engagement and to deliver the highest quality of care.

1:1 care via secure video sessions

Anytime messaging between therapist & patient

Group sessions are possible for inpatient and outpatient settings

Progress tracking to manage therapeutic goals

HIPPA-compliant with client and provider portals that keep patient data secure

Proactive screening based on state-of-the-art assessment tools

MUsic therapy's impact

Proven Outcomes

Thousands of peer-reviewed clinical studies have shown the positive impact of music therapy.


improvement in adult depression


improvement in social communication for children with disabilities


boost in depression outcomes for clients already in talk therapy

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